And so it Begins!

The baby knitting has begun in full force! I made my first order in I don’t even know how long for yarn, and I have started knitting a few things. Of course, I live in South Florida, so really, how many warm sweaters is the baby going to need when it gets really cold maybe 3 times a year? But nonetheless, I am knitting him a sweater.

I started with a simple hat, that I think may be a little big for a newborn, but come whatever us South Floridians call winter, it should fit him fine. That was a quick little knit, so it’s done and ready to be washed and blocked.



I’m also knitting the Lace Edged Shawl out of Debbie Bliss’ Simply Family, and that one is going to take sometime, but will be so worth it. That little blanket I have always thought was the cutest, simplest thing ever. It may take me some time to complete, but I have plenty of time to get it done, so that’s fine – just so long as it’s done before he’s born. I have made some progress on the blanket though.  The yarn came in on Thursday and I cast on and knit maybe 2 rows.  The picture below is where I am at as of yesterday.  Considering I work full time, and it’s Saturday morning and I haven’t touched it yet, that’s some good progress.


I also have plans to knit the Ribbon Tied jacket out of the same book, and I have some left over yarn from the baby hat that I may be able to turn into a pair of socks for him.  The hat and what will be the socks I used some amazing Koigu yarn, so it’ is nice and warm and elastic.

I’m not sure what else I will knit for him.  I’m sure it’ll come to me with time, but suggestions are always appreciated.


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