Why is this taking so long?!


22″ knit on this blanket and it seems like its taking forever! I’m supposed to knit until its 29″, so technically I’m almost there but wow it just seems to go on – kind of like this pregnancy. I’m an impatient one. Anyone who knows me knows how horribly impatient I am and I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it’s not taking all that long, but I want so badly to meet my baby already…and finish this blanket.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant now and my stomach has just finished popping. I swear it happened over night because I was normal last week and this week – POP! – there’s a belly. Since I’m a little on the bigger side it was hard to see the pop, but its not hard to see anymore! I also felt movement for the first time Friday. It was only for a second, and I think I felt him again the following day, but nothing else since.

I think this has been the best journey I’ve been on. Every new experience with this baby has been amazing. Getting to see him on the monitor during ultrasounds, I can already see his little personality. I just can’t wait for the next phase – to feel him kicking and swimming around in there, but like my blanket, it’s taking so long for that to happen! I’m sure it’ll be here before I know it but right now it just doesn’t seem that way.


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