Finished Blanket, on to the next!


I finished my baby blanket over the weekend. It took some blood, sweat and tears – and a moment of panic when I ran out of yarn while working the border. But thanks to the amazing people over at Webs, I was able to get 2 more balls of yarn in the same colorway – even though I only needed one, but I didn’t want to risk another moment of panic and I can always turn the spare yarn into baby booties or something.

Now that the blanket is done, I’ve started a baby kimono from the same Debbie Bliss Simply Family book. I already had to frog that one and start over because even though my gauge swatch was on the money for gauge, the sweater was coming out so huge it could fit a 5 year old…and I was also running out of yarn. So I ripped back and started again with US 6 needles instead of US 8 and am splicing the ends of yarn together instead of the usual drop and weave thing I normally do in hopes of conserving yarn.

I’ll keep you all updated with the progress of the sweater!


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