Sweater almost done, now what?

I am almost done with the Baby Kimono I started.  It still looks a bit big for the baby, but that’s ok.  I live in Miami and it doesn’t get cold very often here, so I’m guessing that by the time he actually fits into it, the one day of cold we have will be here…hopefully.  I think after a good hour on it tonight I’ll be done with the knitting portion of it, then I need to seam the sides of it, which also shouldn’t take very long at all.

What I need to do now is figure out what else I want to make for him.  I already have a few hats, the sweater and a few blankets.  I can’t really knit too many cold weather items because we get maybe 3 days of cold down here and by the time he gets to use it, it may not fit him so what do I do to keep my hands busy?  Maybe I should knit a blanket for my brother, since my sister in law is also pregnant?  Booties?  Any ideas would be appreciated.


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