Nesting like MAD!!!

I’m getting closer to my due date, and nesting is in full effect!  If I were to explain to you how much I have done to prepare for this little one, you would think I was nuts.  I’ll keep it short.

Nursery is done.  We moved all the stuff that was in that room (it was our office/storage room) out and either found a place for it, or moved it into temporary location until we have time for a garage sale.  We painted, set up the crib and arranged furniture to where we would like it to go.  I reupholstered an old glider we had that really needed an uplift.  I’m currently washing all of his clothes in preparation for when he joins us.  I’ve washed all his sheets and set it up in the crib awaiting his arrival.

I’ve also ordered my first stash of cloth diapers.  They should be here tomorrow.  I’ve decided for ecological and financial reasons to go with cloth.  Not to mention, I’m not too thrilled about the idea of putting plastic on my little boy in the middle of a South Florida summer, so cotton prefolds with wraps it is!  If there are any other cloth diapering mama’s out there, I am very new to this and could use all the tips I can get.  I recently signed up at so I could chat with other cloth diapering mama’s out there and get advice and tips.

My husband is also nesting.  He’s been feeding off my urge to prepare and we’ve totally repainted the entire house, which is something we wanted to do anyway.  He’s also been slowly been fixing up the kitchen.  The house looks amazing!  I just need to give it a good scrub and maintain until the little one arrives and we’re all set.  The biggest hurdle with this is how I feel right now.  I am so exhausted all the time.  Carrying this little man around is no joke!  So far I’ve had swelling in my ankles and feet, extreme fatigue, backaches and indigestion.  I’m taking my doula’s tip and I picked up some papaya pills and will be giving that a shot, because it can get pretty bad.  And oh my Goddess the heaviness is unreal!!!

But really though, I shouldn’t complain too much.  I’ve had it fairly easy since I’ve had absolutely no nausea, and I just recently started feeling bad.  My first two trimesteres were a breeze – it’s just the third that’s been a bit rough.  It’ll just be a few more weeks though and then I get to meet my little man, so I can deal with it.

As for knitting content – which I have totally neglected talking about in the post – I actually don’t have any updates because I haven’t knit anything since the sweater.  I’m afraid to go too nuts on knit content considering he’s only going to wear them a few short weeks and then they will no longer fit, and I also have a very small window of when it’ll be cold enough to wear warm clothes here anyway so it may be better for me to knit on demand.  It really doesn’t take me long to knit baby clothes, so that should be ok.  I have the few starter items and anything else I can knit as I need.


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