He’s Here!!!!

Sebastian & Daddy

It’s been a wild 2 months!  Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that the baby is here, and those who don’t I’m sure should have guessed it by now.  I just wanted to share my birth story with you all.

It all started when I went to my doctors appointment on July 23. I was ordered to have an ultrasound to find out how big the baby was – something I was considering denying because I thought he was going to be on the bigger side and was trying to avoid a c-section. It ended up being that he was frank breech and I was told that since he was breech the only way he would be delivered was via c-section. I was devastated after that! I cried for two days, went to see a chiropractor for the Webster maneuver and was hoping that by my appointment the following Tuesday that he would have flipped. Well Friday morning, I was in bed and I turned over to get more comfortable, stretched my legs, and my water broke. It was 6:38 am when this happened. I got up and started gushing all the way to the bathroom when contraction came on. They were coming strong and about every 5 minutes, so I called my doula – who knew the situation already – got dressed and went to the hospital. I was already 1 cm dilated and 100% effaced by the time I got there – 1 hour after my water broke. They also performed an ultrasound to check position, and I was still hoping that he would have turned but he didn’t. I was sent to pre-OP and was prepped for a section that would take place at 10am. The baby was born at 11:08am. It’s took me a few days to catch up to the sequence of events – from the bad news, to the water breaking and going into full on labor, to the c-section that was performed so quickly in a non-emergency manner, and the birth of my amazing son.

It’s amazing how the universe works and how things happen for a reason because this could have gone in so many different ways and it happened so perfectly.  Even though I was devastated with the news of the baby being breech, I’ve come to realize things happen for a reason and in the end it all worked out perfectly. Even though I didn’t get the labor I wanted, I was still able to experience what labor was like and have an amazing baby who is perfect! Both of us are healthy, safe and not traumatized, which is the most important part.


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