Nursing Necklace

IMG_4365Life has been even busier now that I’m a mom.  I swear it seems like I have less time now being a stay at home mom to do things than when I worked outside of the house.  I do want to make more time though to update this blog and to start crafting again.  I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the upcoming Miami winter, which doesn’t really say much because it is Miami, so basically that means that it’ll go from hellishly hot to comfortable, and there may be a day or three of uncomfortable cold.  I do have one knit sweater for him that should fit him just right come winter, but I’m thinking I may need to knit him another sweater and maybe a pair fo socks.  There was some cute pullovers I saw on Gap’s website that I can easily replicate, so I may do just that.  And the beauty of knitting is when he outgrows the sweater, I can always frog it and recycle the yarn into another project.

I actually do have a crochet project that I finished lately.  I had seen crocheted necklaces that could be used when nursing to for distractable babies to keep the occupied and focued on nursing and my son has gotten into the habit lately of grabbing onto my hair when he’s in my arms.  It happens when I’m nursing him, carrying him, if I pick him up to put him in his carrier, bouncer, swing, the tub, whatever.  It’s kind of annoying and painful when he does this I could use this to distract his fingers and would make a good teether for when that starts, so I decided to make one.  I crocheted a few wood balls, and gave him a dangly circle thing and viola!  We have a necklace for baby that looks nice on mommy.

I’m considering making these and selling them on Etsy for a little extra money, I’m just not sure if there would be an interest.



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