Blog At A Crossroads

Prior to having the baby, I would read knitblogs where women would explain how they only had time to knit one row from a sweater or a sock because the baby was too demanding and I always thought, “how hard can it be?!  One row, that’s like 5 minutes!” Well, I get it now. My knitting needles sit in the same cup I store them in. My spinning wheel has been gathering nothing but dust and is truly in a sad state right now. Life with baby is really all about baby and that’s it! I’m not saying that this is a bad thing because this little guy is just a bundle of fun and joy, it just means life is different at the moment. Instead of my days being busy with work and coming home to knit, my days are busy with baby chores: feed the baby, play with baby, take baby to appointments, change & clean baby’s diapers (I’m cloth diapering), cook and puree baby’s food, etc. Again, not bad, just busy in another way, but more so because pre-baby I would at least get some time to relax and unwind when I got home from work.  The relax and unwind portion of my day now happens about 10 minutes prior to passing out.

So, I’m a bit torn with what to do with this blog. It’s been a long road, it’s gone through several moves and yet it still survives so I don’t want to give it up but obviously there isn’t much knitting content to post because there is no knitting going on. It also wouldn’t be the first time the blog is put on hiatus because of life’s distractions, but I am really feeling the urge to blog about mommyhood and how my days are spent. So my dilemma is this: should I start a mommy blog and separate my knitting life and mommy life, or should I integrate the two here on this site? I’m thinking of going the latter route, but would love some input.


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