Rediscovering My Love of Craft

Mother’s Day came and went and my loving husband, who I know loves me a whole lot, decided not to get me anything for Mother’s Day. In truth, we’ve been really busy and he just didn’t have the time to go to the stores so instead he gave me the morning off and I slept until like 11 am, which is unheard of because of my 2-year-old.

I had been fighting with a jersey cotton maternity dress that I had for a while, and for some reason on Mother’s Day, I decided I would pick the dress up again and attempt to hem it. It was really long on me and I would trip on the seams of it, so it needed to be hemmed just a little bit so I wouldn’t trip (because falling while 34 weeks pregnant because of your dress is not a good thing). I had been trying to hem this stupid dress on my mother in law’s sewing machine, which was a 40-year-old machine with missing attachments and I just could not get this thing to work!  I decided enough was enough! I’m sure this machine was great for its time, but it was old, missing part and I was tired of fighting with it. I decided it was time for me to get my own machine, and since my husband flaked on a Mother’s Day gift, what better way than to guilt him into saying ok for us to invest in one!

I decided to pick up a Singer 4452 from Joann’s on Mother’s Day and that night I got to work! I hemmed my dress and finished something that had taken me months of frustration to do. But the beauty of all this is not only that I finally got to hem my dress but that I rediscovered how much I love to sew.


Since I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and probably in my “nesting” stage of the pregnancy, I’ve been making things. I’ve been knitting again and I’ve picked up sewing again for the first time in a long time.

I still had some Rockin’ Sock Club socks that I never knit, from like 2008 (!), so I picked those up. One was the Holidazed pattern that I knit and finished and am kicking myself now for not having done it sooner because they are so comfortable! And I am working on the Gumdrop socks from the same year.

I also got inspired to make my daughters Halloween costume already. Yes, I know, we’re in May, but I figured I wouldn’t have time when she was born to do this so I started on the basic construction.


When it’s all done it will be a Wonder Woman costume. I crocheted the top using a basic double crochet stitch and attached tulle using a no-sew method. It still needs ribbons and appliques to be added, but the big portion is done.

I also decided to sew a bib and burp cloth (not pictured) using some fabric I had laying around with a chenille backing.


And I made this cute little Infant Peasant Dress that I found a pattern for on Craftsy.


I feel like the dress is missing something so I will probably be adding a bow or something to go with it, and will be making little shoes I found the pattern for on Pinterest.

All in all, I’ve been a busy crafting and with the right tools, I’ve rediscovered a love of making things I forgot I had.


Picking up the Needles again!

I briefly wrote about his on my Facebook page, but felt it was deserving of its own post.


That’s right!!! I’m expecting #2 and I’m also excited to announce that I will be doing some knitting with pink yarn – one of my favorite colors – because I’m expecting a girl!


I’ve already queued up some patterns in Ravelry that I like and have already started on her baby blanket. I decided to take on the Saurey blanket from Berroco. It’s a little lace knitting project, of which I love to do lace because it challenges the mind instead of being a mind-numbing stockinette stitch for 30″ type of pattern. I love the leaves pattern throughout and since I’m in South Florida and this will be a Summer baby, something just a little breezy is necessary. So here is the beginning of that project. I am one skein in so far out of about 6 skeins.


Whatever is leftover from this project I will use to make booties and a headband for her.

I am so incredibly excited for this new addition and also for the fact that I now have a reason to knit. I’ve even purchased some fiber of Etsy to get my spinning legs back.

It’s all coming back to me again…

McDreamy Sweater

I finished this sweater just in time for Christmas, so my Silly Baby wore it Christmas Day. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be Christmas Day, but in the morning and at night it was nippy and in truth, he didn’t get all sweaty in it, so I think it was fine.
As you can probably see, he wasn’t feeling well Christmas Day. He actually had that flu that was going around, so I think that was even more of a reason for the sweater. It kept him comfy and cozy when he wasn’t feeling well.

I really loved knitting this. It wasn’t that difficult so long as you read the directions beforehand and understood the structure. It is definitely an advanced knit project because of how everything was put together, but I LOVE that it was completely knit in the round. Seaming is my downfall.

Oh knitting, how I missed you

I have decided to pick up my pointy sticks again. It’s been more as a way to unwind, but has yet again turned into the obsession it used to be, and I can’t be happier! I knit my son a pair of socks that I finished last week as a way to keep his feet warm and comfy and that set it off. I’m hooked again.



These guys aren’t perfect, but they can be. I need to extend the foot a bit. I made them just a little too short. I was using one of his store bought socks as reference instead of him, and that clearly didn’t work out perfectly. The good thing is they were knit cuff down, so it wouldn’t take much to undo the toe, knit a few more rounds, and then knit the toe again. Heck I might even keep doing that as his foot grows, until he’s outgrown the cuff.
I also started working on McDreamy from DROPS design. I am about 5″ in and I started 3 days ago. Yup, it’s an obsession, but really I just want my child to be able to wear it before our 3 days of winter are over so I’m trying to get it done as quickly as I can.

Baby Sweater

It finally got a little nippy here. Enough for me to say, ” Hey, I think I should put a sweater on the baby”. Good thing I knit the Debbie Bliss Ribbon Tied Baby Jacket. It’s not too warm, but just right for Miami winters. It paired perfectly with a onesie and jeans and he looked super cute and comfy wearing it.



I modified it a bit so I could use a button instead of a ribbon to tie it, and I think it was a perfect decision.

Knit or Not-Knit?

I just found the most amazing baby sweater pattern ever, and I would love to knit it for my little man, BUT we’re basically already in February, in South Florida, and it’s not really cold here at all.  We’ve already had 3 days of under 50 degree temperatures.  I think starting a project like this for it to fit him now is tempting fate.  It will probably never get cold again if I do, but it is so incredibly adorable.  What should I do, knit it in a bigger size for next year, or tempt fate?

For reference, it’s from DROPS Design and the pattern is the McDreamy sweater.  Tell me this isn’t the cutest sweater ever?!

McDreamy Sweater from DROPS Design

Sweater almost done, now what?

I am almost done with the Baby Kimono I started.  It still looks a bit big for the baby, but that’s ok.  I live in Miami and it doesn’t get cold very often here, so I’m guessing that by the time he actually fits into it, the one day of cold we have will be here…hopefully.  I think after a good hour on it tonight I’ll be done with the knitting portion of it, then I need to seam the sides of it, which also shouldn’t take very long at all.

What I need to do now is figure out what else I want to make for him.  I already have a few hats, the sweater and a few blankets.  I can’t really knit too many cold weather items because we get maybe 3 days of cold down here and by the time he gets to use it, it may not fit him so what do I do to keep my hands busy?  Maybe I should knit a blanket for my brother, since my sister in law is also pregnant?  Booties?  Any ideas would be appreciated.