McDreamy Sweater

I finished this sweater just in time for Christmas, so my Silly Baby wore it Christmas Day. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be Christmas Day, but in the morning and at night it was nippy and in truth, he didn’t get all sweaty in it, so I think it was fine.
As you can probably see, he wasn’t feeling well Christmas Day. He actually had that flu that was going around, so I think that was even more of a reason for the sweater. It kept him comfy and cozy when he wasn’t feeling well.

I really loved knitting this. It wasn’t that difficult so long as you read the directions beforehand and understood the structure. It is definitely an advanced knit project because of how everything was put together, but I LOVE that it was completely knit in the round. Seaming is my downfall.


Oh knitting, how I missed you

I have decided to pick up my pointy sticks again. It’s been more as a way to unwind, but has yet again turned into the obsession it used to be, and I can’t be happier! I knit my son a pair of socks that I finished last week as a way to keep his feet warm and comfy and that set it off. I’m hooked again.



These guys aren’t perfect, but they can be. I need to extend the foot a bit. I made them just a little too short. I was using one of his store bought socks as reference instead of him, and that clearly didn’t work out perfectly. The good thing is they were knit cuff down, so it wouldn’t take much to undo the toe, knit a few more rounds, and then knit the toe again. Heck I might even keep doing that as his foot grows, until he’s outgrown the cuff.
I also started working on McDreamy from DROPS design. I am about 5″ in and I started 3 days ago. Yup, it’s an obsession, but really I just want my child to be able to wear it before our 3 days of winter are over so I’m trying to get it done as quickly as I can.

Baby Sweater

It finally got a little nippy here. Enough for me to say, ” Hey, I think I should put a sweater on the baby”. Good thing I knit the Debbie Bliss Ribbon Tied Baby Jacket. It’s not too warm, but just right for Miami winters. It paired perfectly with a onesie and jeans and he looked super cute and comfy wearing it.



I modified it a bit so I could use a button instead of a ribbon to tie it, and I think it was a perfect decision.

Knit or Not-Knit?

I just found the most amazing baby sweater pattern ever, and I would love to knit it for my little man, BUT we’re basically already in February, in South Florida, and it’s not really cold here at all.  We’ve already had 3 days of under 50 degree temperatures.  I think starting a project like this for it to fit him now is tempting fate.  It will probably never get cold again if I do, but it is so incredibly adorable.  What should I do, knit it in a bigger size for next year, or tempt fate?

For reference, it’s from DROPS Design and the pattern is the McDreamy sweater.  Tell me this isn’t the cutest sweater ever?!

McDreamy Sweater from DROPS Design

He’s Here!!!!

Sebastian & Daddy

It’s been a wild 2 months!  Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that the baby is here, and those who don’t I’m sure should have guessed it by now.  I just wanted to share my birth story with you all.

It all started when I went to my doctors appointment on July 23. I was ordered to have an ultrasound to find out how big the baby was – something I was considering denying because I thought he was going to be on the bigger side and was trying to avoid a c-section. It ended up being that he was frank breech and I was told that since he was breech the only way he would be delivered was via c-section. I was devastated after that! I cried for two days, went to see a chiropractor for the Webster maneuver and was hoping that by my appointment the following Tuesday that he would have flipped. Well Friday morning, I was in bed and I turned over to get more comfortable, stretched my legs, and my water broke. It was 6:38 am when this happened. I got up and started gushing all the way to the bathroom when contraction came on. They were coming strong and about every 5 minutes, so I called my doula – who knew the situation already – got dressed and went to the hospital. I was already 1 cm dilated and 100% effaced by the time I got there – 1 hour after my water broke. They also performed an ultrasound to check position, and I was still hoping that he would have turned but he didn’t. I was sent to pre-OP and was prepped for a section that would take place at 10am. The baby was born at 11:08am. It’s took me a few days to catch up to the sequence of events – from the bad news, to the water breaking and going into full on labor, to the c-section that was performed so quickly in a non-emergency manner, and the birth of my amazing son.

It’s amazing how the universe works and how things happen for a reason because this could have gone in so many different ways and it happened so perfectly.  Even though I was devastated with the news of the baby being breech, I’ve come to realize things happen for a reason and in the end it all worked out perfectly. Even though I didn’t get the labor I wanted, I was still able to experience what labor was like and have an amazing baby who is perfect! Both of us are healthy, safe and not traumatized, which is the most important part.

Maternity Pictures

This is a bit late, but I still wanted to share.  We went and took some maternity pictures on the 4th of July at 34 weeks.  My husband being the photographer – because he’s pretty freaking awesome, and we need to save some money.  Below are some of the pictures I know I will cherish forever.




DSC_8805 DSC_8816



Nesting like MAD!!!

I’m getting closer to my due date, and nesting is in full effect!  If I were to explain to you how much I have done to prepare for this little one, you would think I was nuts.  I’ll keep it short.

Nursery is done.  We moved all the stuff that was in that room (it was our office/storage room) out and either found a place for it, or moved it into temporary location until we have time for a garage sale.  We painted, set up the crib and arranged furniture to where we would like it to go.  I reupholstered an old glider we had that really needed an uplift.  I’m currently washing all of his clothes in preparation for when he joins us.  I’ve washed all his sheets and set it up in the crib awaiting his arrival.

I’ve also ordered my first stash of cloth diapers.  They should be here tomorrow.  I’ve decided for ecological and financial reasons to go with cloth.  Not to mention, I’m not too thrilled about the idea of putting plastic on my little boy in the middle of a South Florida summer, so cotton prefolds with wraps it is!  If there are any other cloth diapering mama’s out there, I am very new to this and could use all the tips I can get.  I recently signed up at so I could chat with other cloth diapering mama’s out there and get advice and tips.

My husband is also nesting.  He’s been feeding off my urge to prepare and we’ve totally repainted the entire house, which is something we wanted to do anyway.  He’s also been slowly been fixing up the kitchen.  The house looks amazing!  I just need to give it a good scrub and maintain until the little one arrives and we’re all set.  The biggest hurdle with this is how I feel right now.  I am so exhausted all the time.  Carrying this little man around is no joke!  So far I’ve had swelling in my ankles and feet, extreme fatigue, backaches and indigestion.  I’m taking my doula’s tip and I picked up some papaya pills and will be giving that a shot, because it can get pretty bad.  And oh my Goddess the heaviness is unreal!!!

But really though, I shouldn’t complain too much.  I’ve had it fairly easy since I’ve had absolutely no nausea, and I just recently started feeling bad.  My first two trimesteres were a breeze – it’s just the third that’s been a bit rough.  It’ll just be a few more weeks though and then I get to meet my little man, so I can deal with it.

As for knitting content – which I have totally neglected talking about in the post – I actually don’t have any updates because I haven’t knit anything since the sweater.  I’m afraid to go too nuts on knit content considering he’s only going to wear them a few short weeks and then they will no longer fit, and I also have a very small window of when it’ll be cold enough to wear warm clothes here anyway so it may be better for me to knit on demand.  It really doesn’t take me long to knit baby clothes, so that should be ok.  I have the few starter items and anything else I can knit as I need.