Picking up the Needles again!

I briefly wrote about his on my Facebook page, but felt it was deserving of its own post.


That’s right!!! I’m expecting #2 and I’m also excited to announce that I will be doing some knitting with pink yarn – one of my favorite colors – because I’m expecting a girl!


I’ve already queued up some patterns in Ravelry that I like and have already started on her baby blanket. I decided to take on the Saurey blanket from Berroco. It’s a little lace knitting project, of which I love to do lace because it challenges the mind instead of being a mind-numbing stockinette stitch for 30″ type of pattern. I love the leaves pattern throughout and since I’m in South Florida and this will be a Summer baby, something just a little breezy is necessary. So here is the beginning of that project. I am one skein in so far out of about 6 skeins.


Whatever is leftover from this project I will use to make booties and a headband for her.

I am so incredibly excited for this new addition and also for the fact that I now have a reason to knit. I’ve even purchased some fiber of Etsy to get my spinning legs back.

It’s all coming back to me again…


Finished Blanket, on to the next!


I finished my baby blanket over the weekend. It took some blood, sweat and tears – and a moment of panic when I ran out of yarn while working the border. But thanks to the amazing people over at Webs, I was able to get 2 more balls of yarn in the same colorway – even though I only needed one, but I didn’t want to risk another moment of panic and I can always turn the spare yarn into baby booties or something.

Now that the blanket is done, I’ve started a baby kimono from the same Debbie Bliss Simply Family book. I already had to frog that one and start over because even though my gauge swatch was on the money for gauge, the sweater was coming out so huge it could fit a 5 year old…and I was also running out of yarn. So I ripped back and started again with US 6 needles instead of US 8 and am splicing the ends of yarn together instead of the usual drop and weave thing I normally do in hopes of conserving yarn.

I’ll keep you all updated with the progress of the sweater!

Why is this taking so long?!


22″ knit on this blanket and it seems like its taking forever! I’m supposed to knit until its 29″, so technically I’m almost there but wow it just seems to go on – kind of like this pregnancy. I’m an impatient one. Anyone who knows me knows how horribly impatient I am and I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it’s not taking all that long, but I want so badly to meet my baby already…and finish this blanket.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant now and my stomach has just finished popping. I swear it happened over night because I was normal last week and this week – POP! – there’s a belly. Since I’m a little on the bigger side it was hard to see the pop, but its not hard to see anymore! I also felt movement for the first time Friday. It was only for a second, and I think I felt him again the following day, but nothing else since.

I think this has been the best journey I’ve been on. Every new experience with this baby has been amazing. Getting to see him on the monitor during ultrasounds, I can already see his little personality. I just can’t wait for the next phase – to feel him kicking and swimming around in there, but like my blanket, it’s taking so long for that to happen! I’m sure it’ll be here before I know it but right now it just doesn’t seem that way.

And so it Begins!

The baby knitting has begun in full force! I made my first order in I don’t even know how long for yarn, and I have started knitting a few things. Of course, I live in South Florida, so really, how many warm sweaters is the baby going to need when it gets really cold maybe 3 times a year? But nonetheless, I am knitting him a sweater.

I started with a simple hat, that I think may be a little big for a newborn, but come whatever us South Floridians call winter, it should fit him fine. That was a quick little knit, so it’s done and ready to be washed and blocked.



I’m also knitting the Lace Edged Shawl out of Debbie Bliss’ Simply Family, and that one is going to take sometime, but will be so worth it. That little blanket I have always thought was the cutest, simplest thing ever. It may take me some time to complete, but I have plenty of time to get it done, so that’s fine – just so long as it’s done before he’s born. I have made some progress on the blanket though.  The yarn came in on Thursday and I cast on and knit maybe 2 rows.  The picture below is where I am at as of yesterday.  Considering I work full time, and it’s Saturday morning and I haven’t touched it yet, that’s some good progress.


I also have plans to knit the Ribbon Tied jacket out of the same book, and I have some left over yarn from the baby hat that I may be able to turn into a pair of socks for him.  The hat and what will be the socks I used some amazing Koigu yarn, so it’ is nice and warm and elastic.

I’m not sure what else I will knit for him.  I’m sure it’ll come to me with time, but suggestions are always appreciated.